Friday, May 13, 2011

My Jumbled thoughts, A Day After The Workshop...

Yesterday was the final day of my theatre workshop (Apna Shakespeare). I performed two scenes. It marked the end of a wonderful experience that we had together. Everyone did really well. We had a lot of fun. But then it was time go home, go home but not return again. It was time to say goodbye to all the fun. I said bye to everyone, hopefully not for the last time and rushed for tennis. Later in the night my blog hit a 1000 pageviews. There couldn’t have been a better way to end such a wonderful day, a wonderful day full of fun, excitement and joy. Life was going great. Everything was going the way it should have. Just perfect.

But now, a strange fear has haunted the brain. A fear, that life won’t be the same anymore. The days of fun are passing by it seems. A fear, that something dark is gonna happen. A fear, that life won’t be the same anymore. “But why? What is wrong?” I ask myself. I will miss all the fun. I will miss the friends that I made. “But that’s no reason to fear” I tell myself. Sure, the workshop has ended. But my relationship with theatre and Shakespeare hasn’t. I can still stay in touch with my friends. We can meet up once in a while. What's’ the big deal? Why the fear? Is it because the schools are gonna start? But so what? I have to find the best in everything and enjoy myself. I just gotta have fun. Life really is too short, if I am not gonna have fun then what's the point. I can’t always think about going to college soon so that I can get out of school. I have to start enjoying in school. Enjoy what I am doing. Have fun during science class. Just start appreciating the wonderful things around me. I know I can do it. It is in my hands. I just gotta have an open mind and a willing heart. I have to let all the negativity pass. The external environment is usually not the cause for depression or stress. It is our inner being that causes us to feel like that. If we can control our emotions, we will always be happy. We should appreciate everything that’s around us. Have fun in whatever we are doing. Enjoy the present. Not worry about the future. Not cry over the past. What's done cannot be undone. Enjoy the journey. Don’t fear about tomorrow. “Success is a journey, not a destination.”
I begin to feel better. I see a ray of hope. The fear has gone. I have become confident again. I should look forward to the good things, but more importantly enjoy the good things that are happening to me right now and appreciate them.

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