Friday, May 13, 2011

Living in the Moment

One of the games that we played in my workshop (Apna Shakespeare) was the 1-30 game. In this game we all sit in a circle with our eyes closed, and count from 1-30 (one person says '1' the other says '2' and so on...)
Whenever there is an overlap (2 people say the number at the same time), we start from 1 again. But our eyes are closed so we have no way of knowing who is speaking when. We just have to feel the vibe and decide which the best time to speak is. It may seem easy but let me tell you it is not.
During the first few days we barely managed to cross 10. Jaimini kept telling us not to think about the end result. He told us, “don’t think about reaching 30, thinking about going from 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and so on. Enjoy yourself and live in the moment.” As we followed his advice, we began to improve. We stopped worrying about reaching 30 and started having fun. We focused on going from number to number and not from 1 to 30. by the end of the workshop, we reached 28. That is quiet an improvement from day 1 when we were on 6.
There is a valuable lesson here: don’t worry about the end result, live in the moment and enjoy the journey. As we grow older, we become very result-oriented.
                        “Yesterday is history, 
                         tomorrow is a mystery,
                         today is a gift
                        and that is why it is called is present.”
Live in the moment. Take pleasure in what you are doing. Don’t worry about reaching the end. Enjoy the journey, and soon you’ll realize that the journey itself is your destination.

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