Monday, July 18, 2016

Life is about the Small Choices

To do the dishes now or to put them off till later. To make the bed first thing in the morning or to put it off till the night. To have salad or a burger for lunch. To workout or laze around. To watch TV or to go out and meet new people. To meditate or to excuse yourself for one day because you're tired/sleepy/have had a long day...

...To do the right thing or not to... 

I've realized that life is all about these small decisions that we make everyday. This is what decides how your life will turn out. People often worry about or think too much about the big decisions or the big goals that they have in life. I think that life determined more by these small things. Once you start making the right choices about the small things, the big things start falling into place.

It's often these small things that are harder to achieve. Make your bed first thing every morning. Meditate everyday, no excuses. Workout. Read. Meet new people. It won't kill you if you don't catch the latest GoT episode for once.

Start small, one right choice at a time.

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