Monday, February 29, 2016

Coming back to Blogging...

It has been a long time since I blogged. I used to blog regularly and I loved it. I would often write personal stories and the lessons I learnt from them. Other times, I would write motivational posts, which, now that I look back, might show a false bravado: After all, who was I, a fifteen year old kid who hadn’t accomplished much in life, to write these words of motivation which are usually associated with the greats like Steve Jobs, or Michael Jordan. (I have, in fact often quoted these two icons in my blogs. ) Sometimes, I ended up writing posts that were very intense, other times posts that were very personal. And, at times, they sparked judgments of all kinds from people I knew, including my friends and relatives. I became self-conscious. I started to get bothered. I started to censor everything I was going to write. Gradually, all the candidness, the honesty and the originality had gone from my writing and there was nothing left which I could say without worrying about what kinds of possible judgments it might evoke. So I stopped, and restricted myself to the occasional outpours of emotion in my diary. 

But now I realize that giving voice to your thoughts is no crime. It is a beautiful thing. There is no right or wrong in that. So I’m not going to worry about people’s judgments any more. I will write, and I will post: about my life, of the little I know about the world, of the things life teaches me. Often, I will also write to inspire both myself and you, my readers. It might sometimes be personal, sometimes intense, sometimes stupid, occasionally funny…but I will try my best to honest, nonetheless. 

A message to anyone who ever reads my blog:
There is no particular reason as such you should pick reading this blog over watching Netflix. I am only a college student. I haven’t cured cancer. I am not a national level sportsperson. I am not the next Mark Zuckerberg and I  now have the humility to know that (Yes, I used to think I was..). Just another college student who has travelled ten thousand miles from his home country and wants to make it ‘big’ in life. (Whatever ‘big’ means to you..I’m still discovering what it means to me..And I believe this process of discovering will continue throughout life)….

And now, to sum up, (in ‘The Social Network’ style): ‘Let the hacking blogging begin.’

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