Saturday, June 4, 2011

Do we most value the things that are difficult to attain?

Those who have overcome great adversity in life can take satisfaction from Thomas Paine’s assertion, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” For people truly to appreciate their victories, they must be able to contrast them with the hardships they have undergone. To value their good fortune, they must suffer ill fortune as well.

In most cases, the greater the adversity the more proud and triumphant we feel on reaching our goal. This is largely due to the fact that we attach a lot of value to our time and effort. Thus, when we reach our goal, it becomes a lot more valued because of the time and effort spent in attaining it.

When we are kids, our parents give us money to go out and buy stuff. At that time the money is readily available to us and we keep asking for more. We don’t bother too much if we lose some or waste some here and there. We don’t attach a lot of value to it. That’s because it’s o readily and easily available to us. But, when we go out in the real world and start earning, it is then that we realize the value of money. That has suddenly become much more prized for us because of the time and hard work we spent in earning it.
Likewise, we might suppose that for a great football player like Wayne Rooney scoring one goal may not be a very big thing. But when that goal is scored at the last moment of a defining match it becomes so precious that he celebrates by removing his T-shirt and running around the field.

What matters is what we feel inside our head. If we have faced great obstacles in attaining something, it becomes much more precious for us. The most important fights to fight are the hardest ones, the ones that cost some people everything they have. Only by fighting such a hard fight will you truly value your victory.


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