Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Interesting Story...

There was once a poor tailor, mullah nasirudin. He was able to satisfy his basic needs but he wanted to be rich. He had a habit of taking lottery tickets. Everyday he used to buy a lottery ticket which would cost him 10 rupees. After a year of incessantly buying the lottery tickets, one day the postman came to his house. He said,” Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery!” “Really?!!” “Yes…you are going to get five crore rupees (around 1 million USD)”. Mullah was very happy. He got his money, and then he shut down his tailoring shop and threw away the keys. He started doing all that he had thought he would have done when he became rich. He started drinking every night, gambling, eating out everyday, he bragged to his friends about his wealth.  And gradually he started drifting away from his friends and family. They began disliking him. After a year he realized that he had finished all his money, his health had deteriorated and he had lost his wife and kids. He was regretting everything he had done in that year. He was broke, without family and friends and emotionally shattered. He got his shop’s keys made again. He reopened the shop. And after a year he was back to his good old days. But still he did buy lottery tickets everyday, it was his habit. After a year, the postman again came to his house. “Hey! You came again to my house?! This time I haven’t won the lottery, right?”
“Yes, you have!” “Oh no! Now I will want to do that drinking and gambling and all that stuff again!”

The story ends here
The lesson here is: “we should always know where we are going, but more importantly, we should always remember where we came from”
Know matter how much money, wealth, fame we accumulate, it is important to stay grounded and remember where you came from.

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