Monday, April 11, 2011


  We all have to face obstacles and hurdles in life. It is the same for all. Life is unfair for all. We have to be prepared for it. Trust me on this- you will fall down, you will get hurt, there will be people trying to stop you from achieving your goal, there will be days when you’ll feel lost, betrayed, wronged. Like I said, it is the same for all. But then why is it that some people are more successful than others?...why do some people lead a better life than others?...why are some people so rich and some so poor?...if everyone has to face similar adversities in life why is it that some people suffer while others prosper?...

The reason is very simple. We all face difficulties, but what makes us different from the others is how we choose to respond to those difficulties. When something bad happens, there are three ways in which people usually respond-

  • Their self-esteem falls apart. Their emotions take over their brain. They can’t think clearly. These people generally have the ability, resources and intelligence to accomplish what they want to but they become weak when things don’t go as expected and begin to lose hope. Gradually, as life goes on and they have to face more hardships, they cry, they lose all hope and finally give up.

  • Then, there are people who blame their luck for whatever happens to them. When they have to go through hard times, they blame life for it. “Life is not fair”, “I am so unlucky”, “god is favoring the others” are the common phrases you would have heard from these people. They are always making excuses. They want to succeed, but they refuse to accept their mistakes. They are always blaming others, luck and life for whatever they did wrong.

  • They accept their mistakes and learn from them. They don’t blame life or luck for their bad times. Neither do they sit and cry. They don’t let their emotions take control of them and they don’t get mad when everything is going bad for them. They always remain in control of their actions and think clearly before taking action. These are the people who ultimately succeed.

So here are a few important things which you need to remember-

→ “You will fall down, you will get hurt but there are better things to do than wallow in self-pity”

      → Have a positive attitude. Believe in yourself. Build your self-esteem.  
“If you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way you are right” 

→Never give up. If you fail once, try again, and keep trying till you succeed.
“A man who succeeds does not succeed because he is braver than the others, it’s because he was brave for ten more minutes.”

→Learn from your mistakes. Making a mistake is alright, but making the same mistake again is not.

→Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment;  so if you’re having a bad day, don’t worry-you might be getting a whole lot of experience.

→Don’t lose hope.

→Brick walls are there for a reason- they are there to stop those from going ahead who don’t want it badly. They are there to separate the ones who want something badly from those who have a casual approach. If you want something badly, you gotta fight for it and overcome the obstacles in your way.